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OCT 2018

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Page 38 of 40 38 product locator ICT October 2018 PREMIRA® Disposable Microfber Pads The truth is microfber only works well the frst time it's used. After that, it's a magnet for nastiness! Contec® Premira® Disposable Microfber Pads provide superior dirt and debris removal compared to reusable textiles like cotton or laundered microfber mops. Premira® Pads eliminate cross-contamination risks. They're designed to be compatible with most mop hardware. They're bleach-safe, 100 percent synthetic, and won't neutralize quat or peroxide- based disinfectants. They simplify logistics and minimize storage footprint as compared to laundry operations. Revital-Ox Bedside Concentrate pre-cleaning kit US Endoscopy announces the release of the Revital-Ox Bedside Concentrate pre-cleaning kit – an all-in-one, enzymatic detergent and impregnated sponge designed for bedside pre-cleaning of fexible and rigid endoscopes, accessories and other medical devices. Joining the Revital-Ox family of products, the Revital-Ox Bedside Concentrate pre-cleaning kit is an add-water option kit supporting proper bedside pre-cleaning every time. The concentrated detergent is packaged in a lay-fat pouch that converts to a stand-up pouch when ready to mix. The kit includes a free-rinsing enzymatic detergent that washes away residue as well as a fat, krinkle sponge to accommodate the diameter of larger endoscopes. NuShield The NuShield Triple A antiglare, anti-microbial and anti-fngerprint overlay flm has been specifcally designed to eliminate germs and protect the display surface in healthcare environments. The flm's anti-microbial property has shown a reduction rate of 99 percent over a 24 hour period in laboratory tests using colon bacillus and Staphylococcus aureus bacteria. The Triple A continually inhibits the growth of germs on the surface and stands up to cleaning with harsh chemical solvents without degrading the anti-microbial protection and protects the device from damage. The Triple A flm uses a slightly tacky silicone rubber instead of a traditional pressure sensitive adhesive, which means the flm is easily applied and removed and will not trap air. The flm can be cleaned with solvent, bleach, rubbing alcohol, dilute alkalis, esters, and other disinfectants to eliminate germs on the screen, and it will not dilute its antimicrobial properties. Triple A flm can be used on devices such as iPads or other tablets, monitoring displays, computers on wheels, patient warning devices, lab equipment with LCD or LED interfaces, laptop computers, smart phones, non-critical monitors and television screens up to 80 inches. TANCS® Saturated Steam Vapor (SSV) System The Biofilm Destroyer TANCS® Saturated Steam Vapor (SSV) System destroys microbial bioflms in 3 seconds, cleaning on contact and producing hot, low-moisture (6 percent) steam that kills virtually all microbes in 2-7 seconds. It works with zero chemicals, zero residue, zero chemical exposure, zero waste, and zero need for HAZMAT or special storage. TANCS SSV operates on 120 volts AC, has continuous-fll for nonstop operation, and uses 1.5 quarts of tap water per hour. Available with insulated tools for multiple applications, a rolling cart, and accessories. or (800) 997-6584 ProFormance QA Healthmark Industries Company, Inc. announces an updated version of ProFormace QA 2.1 software that is now available as a cloud-based application. ProFormance QA 2.1 is a secure database that allows you to record key statistics for the performance of your decontamination procedures, including the test results from Healthmark's ProFormance line of monitoring products. With this web-based application you can record data, use the information to generate impactful reports and track the performance of your cleaning equipment over a period of time. or (800) 521-6224

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