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OCT 2018

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LEADER IN NASAL DECOLONIZATION ™ LEADER IN NASAL DECOLONIZATION ™ 877-669-4648 • Universal decolonization without antibiotics • Safely reduce MRSA contact precautions • Improve patient care and satisfaction • ICUs can realize significant savings* 1. Huang SS et al. N Engl J Med, 2013: 368(24): 2255-65. Mupirocin and CHG used in study. 2. Deatherage N. AJIC, 2016: 44:6 (S101-S102) . 3. Steed L, et al. AJIC, 2014: 42(8): 841-846. ©2018 Global Life Technologies Corp. All rights reserved. Made in USA. Nozin®, Nasal Sanitizer® are trademarks of Global Life Technologies Corp. Nozin® Nasal Sanitizer® antiseptic is an OTC topical drug. No claim is made that it has an efect on any specifc disease. * Savings estimates are for example only. Any actual savings may vary. Contact precautions (CP) ofer protections but can adversely afect patient care, staf efciency and costs. Targeted screen and isolate can fail to accurately assess pathogenic nasal carriage, leaving patients at risk. Research indicates universal skin and nasal decolonization can point to a solution. 1 Nozin ICU programs utilize universal approaches to decolonization, without using antibiotics. This can help safely reduce screening and CP for MRSA colonization while lowering the pathogenic burden. With the Nozin program, facilities can ease CP impact on patients, provide more responsive care, address staf isolation fatigue and reduce costs. 2 Nasal Staph aureus is a major risk for infection. Nozin® Nasal Sanitizer® antiseptic is clinically proven to decolonize nasal Staph aureus day one without antibiotics. 3 Learn how a Nozin program can be key to help reduce CP responsibly at your facility. "The use of Nozin® product with our MRSA colonized patients enables us to actively reduce bacterial carriage of those who might be contributing to transmission and to lessen environmental burden of potential pathogens." Nina Deatherage RN, BSN, CIC. Marshall Medical Center, CA Ask a Nozin advisor for your savings analysis and samples. Nasal Decolonization is The Key to Reduce CP

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