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NOV 2018

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Page 34 of 36 34 product locator ICT November 2018 HealthySole® Healthy Sole ® Plus' patented technology is the first and only shoeborne organism disinfection device on the market that has been independently clinically tested for effi cacy. The HealthySole® Plus has been examined and studied by multiple academic research and healthcare institutions. These studies have produced replicable published results in effi cacy and signifi cant overall decrease of environmental microbial load by up to 99 percent in just 8 seconds. Currently HealthySole® Plus is being used in public, private and federal healthcare facilities. ScrubVAULT System The ImageFIRST ScrubVAULT System is an easy-to-use, compact cabinet that securely stores, dispenses and tracks the distri- bution of scrubs while simulta- neously providing full visibility of inventory and usage. Healthcare professionals scan a unique code to open and select their scrubs chipped with RFID technology for accurate tracking and traceability. The system then generates a usage report to inform inventory decisions, ensuring the desired scrubs are always available for each user. www.imagefi Serres Nemo Fluid Disposal Device Serres Inc. introduces to the U.S. market the Serres Nemo fl uid disposal device, used for fl ushing suction bag content into the sewer and creating value with a safer, cleaner and more cost-effective way to dispose of collected fl uid waste. Serres introduced its suction bag systems to the U.S. market three years ago with its patented single-connection suction bag solution; now, Serres brings that same innovation to disposal. The Serres Nemo eliminates exposure to splashing and airborne pathogens that staff face while utilizing current fl uid disposal methods, it accelerates room turnover, and results in an approximate 90 percent reduction in waste. The Serres Nemo is the fi rst closed system for low- to medium-volume liquid waste management currently available in the U.S. Serres Nemo is a completely contained solution which automatically fl ushes the fl uid waste without any splashing or staff exposure. Additionally, Serres Nemo utilizes lightweight, compact suction bags rather than just disposable plastic canisters, which saves on cost and reduces waste. PREMIRA® Disposable Microfi ber Pads The truth is microfi ber only works well the fi rst time it's used; after that, it's a magnet for nastiness. Contec® Premira® Disposable Microfi ber Pads provide superior dirt and debris removal compared to reusable textiles like cotton or laundered microfi ber mops. Premira® Pads eliminate cross-contamination risks. They're designed to be compatible with most mop hardware. They're bleach-safe, 100 percent synthetic, and won't neutralize quat- or peroxide- based disinfectants. They simplify logistics and minimize storage footprint as compared to laundry operations. Swanky Athletic Socks Healthmark Industries Company, Inc. announces the addition of Swanky Athletic Socks to its personal protective equipment accessory product line. Energize your tired legs with our fashionable and comfortable Swanky Athletic Socks that deliver controlled pressure from ankle to calf for better blood fl ow throughout the lower leg. Designed to enhance circulation, the Swanky Athletic Socks provide support, help relieve foot and leg fatigue, as well as reduce swelling and recovery time for the active individual. Ideal for everyday wear, the socks are made with built-in arch support, a non-restrictive top, and help reduce muscle strain. The Swanky Athletic Socks have a 10-14 mmHg gradient compression and are made from 90% nylon, 8% elastic and 2% spandex. The socks are offered in a medium size: 6-10 (women's shoe size) and 5-9 (men's shoe size). or (800) 521-6224 To submit a product for consideration in this section, send a short description and product photo to

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