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DEC 2018

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PROFORMANCE ™ CLEANING VERIFICATION CLEARLY VISIBLE, EASY TO INTERPRET, OBJECTIVE TESTS OF CLEANING METHODS LUMCHECK ™ FLEXICHECK ™ HEMOCHECK ™ /PROCHEK-II ™ SONOCHECK ™ TOSI ™ The LumCheck™ is designed as an independent check on the cleaning performance of pulse-flow lumen washers. Embedded on the stainless steel plate is a specially formulated blood soil which includes the toughest components of blood to clean. This three part kit simulates a flexible endoscope channel and is designed to challenge the cleaning efficiency of endoscope washers with channel irrigaton apparatus. The kit includes a clear flexible tube, atached to a stainless steel lumen device. The test coupon is placed in the lumen and the entre device is hooked up to the irrigaton port of the endoscope washer. Take the guess work out of evaluatng the cleanliness of instruments with the HemoCheck™ blood residue test kit and the Prochek-II protein swab test. HemoCheck™ is simple to interpret and indicates blood residue down t o 0.1μg. The ProChek-II™ measures for residual protein on surfaces down to 0.1μg. When the ultrasonic cleaner is supplying sufficient energy and conditons are correct, SonoCheck™ will change color. Problems such as insufficient energy, overloading, water level, improper temperature and degassing will increase the tme needed for the color change. In the case of major problems the SonoCheck™ will not change color at all. Reveal the hidden areas of instruments with the TOSI™ washer test, the easy to use blood soil device that directly correlates to the cleaning challenge of surgical instruments. TOSI™ is the first device to provide a consistent, repeatable, and reliable method for evaluatng the cleaning effectveness of the automated instrument washer. HEALTHMARK INDUSTRIES CO. | WWW.HMARK.COM | 800.521.6224 | HEALTHMARK@HMARK.COM

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