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34 ICT January/February 2019 4. If so, do you personally clean this hospital property or do you leave it to someone else? 5. How many hours per day do you use personal/hospital mobile technology devices? 6. Where do you normally use personal/ hospital mobile technology devices? 7. How frequently do you clean your mobile technology devices? 8. What kind of cleaning/decontamination agent do you use? 9. Do you wash/sanitize your hands: 10. Do you use a keyboard in the course of your work? 11. Do you know how often your keyboard is cleaned? 12. Who should clean/decontaminate mobile technology devices in the healthcare setting? 13. Does your facility have a formal policy addressing the cleaning/decontamination of mobile technology devices? 14. Do you believe that contaminated mobile technology devices are a threat to patient and healthcare worker safety? 15. Should the use of personal mobile technology devices be banned in hospitals? Continued from page 33 35% I don't use hospital property 7% No, I let someone else do it 56% Yes, I clean it myself 1% Under 1 hour a day 41% Under 8 hours a day 20% 8-10 hours a day 6% More than 10 hours a day At the nurses' station On a mobile cart In patient rooms In various hospital departments In the lunchroom/ cafeteria In the restroom 2% Never 9% Rarely 14% Occasionally 8% Once a week 11% Several times a week 28% Once a day 29% Several times a day 4% UV-disinfection device 8% Other 4% I don't clean my device(s) 6% Dry wipe 79% Wet wipe 34% I don't wash/sanitize my hands before or after using my device(s) 11% Before using your device 15% After using your device(s) 40% Both before and after using your device(s) 2% No 99% Yes 40% No 60% Yes 5% Environmental services staff should clean these devices 2% Nursing staff should clean these devices 93% People should clean their own devices, whether personal or hospital property - it's everyone responsiblity! 24% Uncertain 43% No 33% Yes 5% No 14% Uncertain 81% Yes 14% Uncertain 71% No 15% Yes

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