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APR 2019

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8 ICT April 2019 Bug of the Month I'm Part of One Big Happy Family Staphylococcus epidermidis I love family get-togethers, after all, I have more than 40 strains to my name, so there's lots of kissing cousins nesting in my family tree. But a prodigious family line isn't even my most signifcant claim to fame; I'm one of the fve signifcant microorganisms that are located on human skin and mucosal surfaces, and I have an extraordinary ability to cause surgical site infections and healthcare-asso- ciated infections due to the wide usage of medical implants and devices in institutions these days. I love the human bloodstream, as there's nothing better than letting the tide carry me to distant shores all throughout the body — and I don't even have to paddle hard to get there! I like to infect implants and prosthetic devices, and I really make myself cozy when I can fnd an uninhabited indwelling catheter — I have to be quick, since so many of the other strains can beat me to these home-sweet-homes. I like to create all kinds of havoc, including triggering sepsis, meningitis, endocarditis, and even a urinary tract infection thrown in for good measure to increase the patient's misery. I'm a coagulase-negative and Gram-positive organism, and I don't disagree when you call me an opportunistic pathogen — I create equal-opportunity destruction whenever I can. And that's fairly often because I'm always hanging out on your skin, especially unwashed hands, so that me and my kin get spread along and fnd new digs, especially on contaminated patient-care equipment. I'm considered to be a common commensal, but there's nothing common about me, I assure you, especially not when I put down roots in bioflms, which provide me with an extracellular matrix that protects against host defense mechanisms and antimicrobial agents. But you can eventually get to me with chlorhexidine and alcohols, as well as hydrogen Sponsored by GOJO Industries peroxide and povidine-iodine, which reduces the mass of my live cells. Ouch, that hurts! But don't get too cocky, as indiscriminate uses of broad-spectrum antibiotics especially the Beta-lactams family, in immunocompromised patients, boost my resistance to antibiotics. Who am I? Hffffhf Hffdf frf ffffffr Hffdf fffffff 3f% Mfrf ffff fhff ffffffr fffp * /ICT1 *fffffffff ffffffffff fff ff ffff ffff fffffff fffffffff f ffffff fffff Bfffd ff ffr ffp-fffffff fff-fffffffrfbfff fffpf | ©fff9f GOJO Ifdfffrffff Ifff fff rffhff rfffrffdf | #fff9f

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