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MAY 2019

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27 May 2019 ICT feature feature E very manufactured high-level disinfectant (HLD) solution and minimum effective concentration (MEC) or minimum recom- mended concentration (MRC) strip has a Lot (batch) number and an associated manufacturer expiration date (best used by). Each HLD manufacturer has a recommended use date once the product is opened and used vs. opened and stored in the original container/bottle. Each manufacturer has test strips that are used to test the solution effi cacy and verify that it falls within the MEC or MRC. The effi cacy testing strips have a Lot number and manufacturer expiration date. Each test strip manufacturer also lists in the instructions for use (IFU) the expiration date after the test strip container has been opened and the recommended storage conditions. Below is an example of two manufactured HLD and test strips on the market today. High-Level Disinfection: In the required documentation that sterile processing departments (SPDs) must keep, it will ask for the following: • Date processed • Serial number/catalog number of devices being high-level disinfected • Was HLD solution tested: pass or fail • Expiration date of the test strip • Cleaned and leak tested by the individual (initials), if this applies • Patient label/patient/physician information • Automatic endoscope reprocessor (AER) print-out of the cycle By Becki Jenkins, PhD, CST, CRCST, CIS, CER, CHL, FCS Lots, Expiration Dates and Liability

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