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37 December 2014 | ICT product locator WOUNDSEAL AND STATSEAL Biolife, LLC offers WoundSeal and StatSeal, a topical powder that stops bleeding instantly by forming a protective seal or scab in seconds. While bandages, gauze and hemostatic agents have been on the market to provide frst aid for minor external wounds, WoundSeal can treat a broad range of external bleeding. Here is how it works: With blood present, the caregiver or victim pours the topical powder - comprised of a hydrophilic polymer and potassium ferrate - onto the wound and applies light pressure. Powder + Pressure = Instant Scab. The powder interacts with the wound's blood to form a protective scab in seconds. The powder works independently of the body's blood-clotting cascade to stop bleeding without entering the bloodstream. The instant scab protects the wound and is waterproof. It falls off naturally as the wound heals. Through WoundSeal's technology, treating a bleeding wound is reduced from a number of steps and products to one easy-to-use application that reduces actual bleeding time from minutes or hours to just seconds. WoundSeal is available online or at retailers such as Walgreens, CVS, Rite Aid and others. 3M™ AVAGARD™ GEL INSTANT HAND ANTISEPTIC AND 3M™ AVAGARD™ FOAMING INSTANT HAND ANTISEPTIC 3M has earned the USDA Certifed Biobased Product Label for its 3M™ Avagard™ Gel Instant Hand Antiseptic and 3M™ Avagard™ Foaming Instant Hand Antiseptic. The USDA Certifed Biobased Product Label verifes that the product's amount of renewable biobased ingredients meets or exceeds levels set by USDA. Biobased products are fnished or intermediate materials composed in whole or in signifcant part of agricultural, forestry, or marine ingredients. All biobased amount claims are verifed by independent labs and monitored by the USDA. Consumers may feel secure in the accuracy of the biobased amount and be empowered in making better informed purchasing decisions. The product is available immediately and is listed in the USDA BioPreferred catalog. FITSI A recent Toronto-based study found that hospital patients are at signifcant risk of infection due to their own poor hand hygiene. On average, 70 percent of patients did not wash their hands following a visit to the washroom. In addition, average patient hand hygiene when entering and leaving a room was less than 5 percent and even lower when entering a kitchen. Enter Fitsi, a patented product designed by a nurse that empowers patients to take control of their hand hygiene and more. Fitsi places health and personal items, including hand sanitizer, within patients' reach. Its patented design fts perfectly on most hospital bedrails and walkers. Its fat bottom design also allows Fitsi to sit upright on a bedside table or on a washroom counter. Fitsi stores patient health items including hand sanitizer, toothbrush, and lip balm, as well as personal items including cell phone, eye glasses and hand moisturizer. Developed and designed by Fitsi Health co-founder, Kathleen Puri, RN, MS, Fitsi is the perfect ft for hospital rooms. Fitsi was born out of Puri's own frustration while hospitalized as a cancer patient. She understood the time-constraints of a nurse in today's hospitals but was frustrated by not being able to access her health and personal items without ringing for a nurse. Fitsi has been featured in NXT Health Patient Room 2020, an award-winning concept that demonstrates how to improve the medical experience in the 21st century. FLEXIBLE INSPECTION SCOPE Healthmark Industries announces the addition of the Flexible Inspection Scope to their Prosys Optical Inspection line of products. The Flexible Inspection Scope includes a distal tip composed of a light source and camera lens at the end of a 50cm, fexible shaft. Designed for instruments 3.2mm in diameter or larger. The camera and light are powered by the USB connection on a PC. Compatible with both Windows XP and Windows 7, the included software allows viewing and recording from most computers. Paired with the optional Flex Arm, the Flexible Inspection Scope can be securely fastened to a work stations to free both hands for manipulation of the scope and the target medical device. It is the perfect tool to visually inspect any device after cleaning, particularly those with internal channels and lumens. (800) 521-6224 or

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